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What kind of camera should I buy? | Advice on Choosing an Digital Camera

What kind of camera should I buy? I get this question a lot from friends, family, and strangers. They want to upgrade from a point and shoot but don’t know where to start. So here is the advice I give, in a nut shell…  1)      Buy the camera that’s going out of style (the cheaperst […]

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I’m a Mormon.

Its 9:00 a.m., hubby is still sleeping and all I have to do is cook a green bean casserole for dinner, so I figured I would blog (something I have gotten out of the habit of doing)… I have decided that Thanksgiving is now one of my favorite holidays. It doesn’t matter what religion you […]

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DAR Constitution Hall Wedding| Lindsey and Matt

Lindsey and Matt were married two weeks ago at DAR constitution Hall.  The whole day was perfect, including the weather (70s and sunny on a late October day!). My favorite part was listening to their vows. Matt summed up their relationship perfectly when he said, “When I’m with Lindsey, I’m home”. Sometimes I have to […]

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