Being a Better Blogger

I have been told by a few of my friends that I do not blog enough, and that they want to see more pictures! Well I am very flattered that people read my blog, and want to see my photos, so I will try my best to provide you with current images. The past few weeks have been slow (which has allowed me to have a much needed break), but I have several shoots in the pipeline, so I hope to have new photos up very soon. I can’t actually say that I have taken much of a break. Last week I attended an inspiring wedding photography seminar put on by David Jay (Wedding photography is definitely my next step), and went to a lecture on how to start a small business last night. This may sound weird, but I am actually really excited for the business aspect of photography and the idea of “owning” my own small business. My second love is finance, so this will put myself proclaimed “Personal Finance Guru” title to the test. I do realize that business finance is a whole different ball game so wish me luck!